måndag 19 januari 2009

Bättre sent än aldrig, Sean Casey's Top 10 "The Wire RIP's".

1. Bodie's RIP
"We're like them little bitches on a chess board "

2. McNulty RIP
"He was natural po-lice."

3. Omar RIP
"1 2 3 Fo"

4. Security Dude RIP
"You want it to be one way . . .but it's the other way"

5. Stringer RIP
"Well get on with it motherfucker"

6. Prop Joe RIP
"The boy was always a disappointment."

7. Wallace RIP
"Stand up straight" "

8. Bubbs Heroin Habit RIP
"Just lock me up and be done with it."

9. Snoop RIP
"How my hair look Mike?"

10. Cheese RIP
"What the fuck you do that for now we short the 9"

Sean och hans multi kulti familj firar Obama's val vinst.

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